Send cold emails for free!

Completely free and open source project to fight against stagnation in your company, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic!

Download, run and rock your sales!


Send emails using your Send Grid account, also in free version of it.


System will tell you which leads are currently hot and you should contact them again.

Export to CRM

Export your leads to directly to your CRM.

Node.Js + Meteor

Simple installation. You can upload it to cloud or run it on your local machine (e.g laptop). All you need is Node.js + MeteorJs.
curl | sh for OSX/Linux or choco install meteor for Windows. After that just write meteor

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Send emails with confidence using SendGrid

Integrated with email service trusted by developers and marketers for time-savings, scalability, and delivery expertise.

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This software helps you to be a successful seller

This project was created for a small sales team to send cold emails. It aimed to help and accelerate the work of people responsible for getting projects. Now you can use it or join the project to start developing it. Let's help companies deal with stagnation in their sales together.

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